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Romeo & Juliet

             Many outside influences contributed to the unfortunate and tragic conclusion of Romeo and Juliet. Three of these outside influences are the family feud, untimely deaths, and irony.
             First of all the family feud was a force working against the possibility of the two families ever reconciling their differences. Many of the characters expressed animosity and anguish towards one another. Tybalt expresses his vile feelings towards Romeo," Patient perforce with willful choler greeting. I will withdraw; but this intrusion shall now seeming sweet convert to bitter gall" (Act I, S-5, L-89-92, P-67). When Romeo is told that Juliet is a Capulet he agonizes over the fact that she is his one true enemy, " Is she a Capulet? O dear account! My life is my foe's debt"(Act-1, S-5, L-117-118, P-69). As Mercutio lays dying he blames the family feud and curses them, " A plague o"both your houses" (Act-3, S-1, L-90, P-147) The anguish and animosity shown by both families, contributed to the continuing feuding thus influencing great difficulty in Romeo and Juliet ever being together in life.
             Secondly the untimely deaths were a series of chain reactions steaming from the family feud; this greatly influenced spontaneous, blind and vile actions, preformed by certain characters. In a brawl soon after Romeo's wedding to Juliet, Mecutio dies by Tybalt's hand. Benvolio announces to Romeo his death" O Romeo, Romeo, brave Mercutio's dead" ( Act-5,S1,L-115P-149). After Mercutio's death Romeo vows that either Tybalt or he shall accompany Mercutio. " Staying for thine to keep him company. Either thou, or I, or both must go with him"[They fight, Tybalt falls.] (Act-3,S-1,L-127-128,131, P-149) A banished and remorse Romeo kills himself before the awakening of his beloved Juliet." O true apothecary, thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die" (Act-5, S-3, L-119-120, P-279). The series of untimely deaths ultimately resulted in Romeos death, therefore contributing to the untimely demise of the main characters.

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