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The Creation Story

            The story of creation is a look into the reasoning and the way in which God created the earth and everything upon it. While reading the early parts of the book of Genesis, each step that was taken by God in creating the earth is explained. The story of creation answers some of the questions that are still asked to day as to how the earth and all life came to be. The story of creation is a glimpse into the reason God created the earth the way it is.
             When the book of Genesis begins, the world as we know it today did not exist. Over a period of six days the earth and all living creatures were created. One the seventh day, when everything was finished, God rested. This is the most widely recognized story of creation, in it's most simplistic form. The story of creation is much more however, than just a description of how the world was made. There are deeper meanings within the story of creation. .
             While creating the world, there is one phrase that is used repeatedly. On each day, after God creates a new feature on earth, the bible says, "And God saw that it was good." (Genesis 1). God knew that what he was creating was good. He understood the impact that each creation had on the entire world. This is an important line in the story of creation. By saying that what he created was good, the bible shows that God was creating the world for a purpose. The world was not just something that God made with plans to on abandon when he got bored with it. This shows that God created the world with certain things in mind. The text does not go into the details of Gods reasoning for creating things the way he did, but it does show that he knew what he wanted. .
             Another important aspect of the story of creation is the order of events. God creates the world in a precise order. If he were to create man before there were plants and animals, mankind would not be able to exist. Harris also touches on this subject.

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