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Troubled Telemakhos

            In the Odyssey, the epic poem by Homer, Telemakhos is a troubled teenager. He is the son of Odysseus, who is lost at sea and has not returned home from the war, and Penelope who is constantly consumed by emotion and pursued by suitors. Teens today face many of the same emotions and conflicts, but it is the cause of emotion and source of conflict that will differ between Telemakhos and teens today. Telemakhos and teens today share emotions like insecurity, frustration, anger, and desperation. They both struggle with maturity and not being treated like children. Telemakhos differs from teens today because of the way he responds to and expresses these emotions and conflicts. .
             Telemakhos and teens today share feelings of insecurity about their identity or place in family or society. Telemakhos feels insecure and unsure about his father. Having never really met him he sometimes even questions whether Odysseus is his father or not, his mother says he is, but he has no proof. He feels insecure when he has to speak to suitors because he lacks confidence in his ability to speak well which is very important in society at the time. Teenagers now will often feel insecure about who they are whether it deals with their personality, family, or interest. They often lack confidence in their abilities or personalities especially when having to face people or conflict. .
             Another emotion Telemakhos and modern teens face is frustration. Telemakhos is frustrated with the suitors and their inconsiderate actions. They take advantage of the fact that Odysseus is not around by feasting at his home everyday, and pursuing his wife for marriage. Telemakhos feels that he should be somehow rectifying the situation at home and feels frustrated with the suitors" ideas of him being incompetent. His feelings towards the suitors are mixed rage and sorrow because they will not listen to him or take him seriously.

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