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Macbeth Killing Duncan

             Act 2 scene 2 is the most violent and intense part of Macbeth although we do no actually witness the murder of King Duncan. It is interesting that Shakespeare chooses to have Macbeth kill Duncan offstage. We can only guess why he wrote the scene that way, I think that Shakespeare wanted to focus not on the murder but on Macbeth's reaction to it; the bloody details supplied by the audiences imaginations will be much worse than anything that could be done onstage. It is also the most crucial part of the play; it is the first of many murders. This scene takes place at night; I feel the darkness represents what is unnatural, cruel and evil. Everything that happens within the play appears to revolve around this particular scene. Not only is this important because it contains the murderous act, it also conveys to the audience the rapid disintegration of the relationship between the two main characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.
             The blood the Macbeth caused to shed affected him mentally because his first kill lead the path for his next to kills. The fear of killing Duncan was so evident in Macbeth, but after he took the life of the king, killing was just another part getting crowned king and receiving what he wanted. Macbeth became a power hungry king who would do anything to get his way. When he thought about what the 3 witches and the prophesies that they had forecast him about Banquo having an air to the thrown, Macbeth found a way to solve that problem throw murder once again because the faster route was the best route in Macbeth's eyes. Even though his problems of threats to the thrown were solved, Banquo's murder haunted him for Banquo was not just another casualty to the cause, he was Macbeth's friend. After the incident, Macbeth started to see Banquo's ghost and the ideas of him killing his best friend played minded games on him, which caused him to lose him mind in front of all his companions.

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