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            The Macbeth that we see is not like the bloody tyrant that Scotland and its nobles see. The Macbeth that we see is a man who could have been a good person but just lost his way in all the evil deeds. Macbeth was lured to kill the king by the desire for power, an appetite that was driven by the witches" prophecies and his wife's encouragement. But when he reaches his goal he finds himself insecure and attempts to remove threats the decrease his insecurity, by killing more people including his bestfriend Banquo. And the witches still continue to lure him in with a false sense of security. .
             After killing Duncan Macbeth shows fear, which proves that he is not a bloodthirsty tyrant like Scotland thinks. "I am afraid what I have done." He feels guilty and wants Duncan to come back to life. But after awhile he starts to feel good about his royalty and he thinks he must kill more people to obtain that royalty. Which leads him to kill Banquo, who is a big threat to him because Banquo was there when the witches were making their prophecies and he is also suspicious of Macbeth. "Thous play"dst most foully for't: yet it was said it should not stand in thy posterity." .
             Macduff shows early on distrust of Macbeth. He thinks he can avoid having his family looking guilty and getting killed by fleeing, but he overestimates Macbeth. Macbeth is very desperate when he goes after Macduff's family, and he turns repulsive when he starts killing innocent children like Macduff's kids. "He has kill"d me, mother: Run away, I pray you.".
             When he is saying the "Tomorrow and tomorrow speech" he sounds very pitiful because he is saying life is too short and worthless; you will die soon and then nobody will remember you. "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." Its very sad, he killed so many people and he hasn't accomplished anything. It appears that Macbeth is a blood thirsty killer but in reality he is just a sad old man who just lost his way in a lot of evil, and in the end it cots him his life.

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