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Article on Censoring Review

            Grassroots Editor "A Journal for Newspeople." Institute of International Studies, Missouri Southern State College, 3950 East Newman Road, Joplin, MO 64801-1595. Subscription rate-$25 per year in the US. Distributed Quarterly. Published by the International Society of newspaper Editors. .
             Stebbins, Chad. "To Print or not to Print: Hix's students survey newspaper editors regarding alleged rape involving athletes," Grassroots Editor. Volume 3, Spring 2002, pages 1.2.3.
             The articles contained within Grassroots Editor can be categorized as articles which pertain to "newspeople." All of the articles relate somehow to current issues or events which concern the news-community. This particular periodical makes a point to print diverse material so many people can find it useful. In high school classes, to undergraduate studies, and even in the offices of editors of major newspapers the Grassroots Editor appears, and it applies to all of these situations, and can adapt to even more. .
             In the article, "To Print or not to Print," the editor, Dr. Chad Stebbins, correlates different accounts of when, and when not, a paper should publish a person's name in the paper. Through out the paper the editor gives examples of when other papers released names. At the beginning of the article the publisher asked a questionto other publishers of if it was okay ot use a person's name when the scenario was: "two star high school basketball players who were dropped from their team for disciplinary reasons after a woman complained to police that she had been raped in their hotel room. No charges have been filed against the two teenagers." (Stebbins, 1). Then, in the article, responses from various sources were compiled into sections, the first being editors and publishers from Oklahoma. Their, the Oklahoma editor's and publisher's, views were: "they would not use the names unless and until charges were filed.

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