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Do Science and Religion

            For centuries, religion and science have been integrated. Whether this has been a coincidence or not, we may never know. However, religion and science have and still are widely debated. When faced with the topic, it is difficult for many people to connect religion and science because of the contradictions. This argument between the two has become greater then just evolution over creation but is has become a battle between what is taught and what is instilled in us through certain beliefs. Although, religion, in time, has led to the beginning of science, religion and science cannot be categorized as what some believe to be similar. Both religion and science have distinct differences. The objective of this paper is to illustrate why I believe religion and science should be taken for what each one is worth.
             The relationship between Science and Religion cannot be explained from one distinct point of view. It is has been hard for many people to understand the significance of both science and religion, so we must take from them what each has to offer. Some would argue that scientific explanations are the only means of explaining our existence, while others would argue that religion and the story of creation which is found in Genesis provide a sufficient account of the world's beginning. I believe religion and science can co-exist on certain issues such as determining the beginning of our world and human life. An ancient medieval philosopher by the name of Moses Maimonides stated, "the only path to knowing God is through the study of science and for that reason the bible opens with a description of creation." This is absolutely true the story of Genesis opens with "In the beginning God created- (Gen 1:1). We must look at what this says, that science is the truth behind creation. The answer too this can only be answered through each individuals views. .
             There are certain issues that I feel that cannot co-exist with both science and religion.

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