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Tess, Oh Poor Tess

             In this passage, the scenes are very significant. Tess is haunted by a previous "skeleton in her closet". Alec's visit was unexpected. His presence and the information he carries affect Tess greatly. Many things contribute to it. Alec is the very "ghost" from her past that screws her future. Whether by fate or chance, it impacts her to a great degree.
             Alec's visit surprises her. The first thing Tess finds out he is a D"Urberville, not a Durbeyfield. Chance brings him to Tess's social class. Being at the same level as Tess, "lowers the playing field" for Alec. He used to be rich and he used his social class to get Tess. Now, he cannot do that anymore. He blames Tess for his downfall. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop him from trying to "have her" again.
             He finds her because of Angel Clare. He tries to purify himself just like Tess was. Obviously, he is not pure enough. It was by chance Alec met Tess's former husband. Angel was disgusted of Tess because Alec had sex with her. Alec also mentions about Tess's baby and describes it as a religious symbol to find Tess. Ironically, Alec meets Angel. The fact that this happened makes Alec want to have Tess even more.
             Fate brought Alec's visit. Tess tries to suppress Alec so that she can be pure. Unfortunately, it does not stop Alec from visiting Tess. The very essence of this visit was to get Tess. Fate and chance brought Alec to Tess because there were symbols along the way to get to Tess, such as religion and her baby. Tess is now devastated about her "ex-lover". It is like seeing a ghost from the past and being cursed by being haunted again. This very thing would surely make Tess take action in order to maintain her purity and spirit.

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