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             The Integrity of California's Elections is on the line.
             The state of California is full of dishonest politicians, criminals and non-citizens. Considering that fact, if Proposition 52 passes, California's elections will become unfair because many of these criminals, politicians and non-citizens will try and exploit the loophole that will be created by this proposition. If we, the voters, vote NO on proposition 52 we will be able to preserve our "fair" and typically fraud free elections in the state of California. .
             At first sight, Proposition 52 seems to have very good intentions, which may deceive the average voter. This measure is full of loopholes and hidden agendas, which may bring about the bane of the integrity of California's elections. It can be said that this is an example of a cure that is worse than the disease itself. For example, already having one of the most liberal elections laws in the nation, with the passage of proposition 52, elections officials will have no way of knowing if the voter is eligible or even a citizen of the United States, and officials will not have the luxury of the fifteen day cushion to reprimand any fraudulent documents. If we pass Proposition 52, one could say that we are turning our backs on democracy on the idea of fair elections and valid participation. One would be promoting unfairness in our elections, thus bringing down the integrity of the people in California as a whole. .
             With the passage of Proposition 52, it will be almost impossible to overturn elections won by phony votes. This can be asserted through the fact that ballots cast by phony voters are mixed in with the votes that are valid. The penalties proposed by Proposition 52 are quite useless, because officials have no way of knowing if the crime was even committed. This is why D.A.'s, sheriffs, and cops all oppose this proposition because quite frankly, they would not have any criminals to catch.

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