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Christianity, Islam and World Peace

            Christianity and Islam are both peacemaking religions that not only strive for the unity between a person and their God, but by bringing that well-being into society. Both religions work towards "opening paths of dialogue" (Pope Frances) as they both advocate nonviolent attributes and contribute to the achievement of world peace. For Christianity, this peacemaking is based off principal teachings found in the New Testament, which emphasizes how Christians can work towards world peace and therefore act as a peacemaker. For Islam, their principal teachings come from the Qur'an, which reinforces the guidance of world peace as something for all Muslims to achieve. Therefore, these principal teachings demonstrate how both peacemaking traditions can advocate to the ultimate aim of world peace. .
             Christianity's peacemaking is based from principal teachings of peace to guide the individual and the tradition. Principal teachings of peace are found in the writings of the New Testament, letters of St Paul and St Augustine. Jesus' life is a foundational source of peace that Christians are encouraged to model their peacemaking off. The heart of Jesus' ministry teaches Christians to live at peace with others, "love your enemies" (Matt 5:7) so adherents can be found in union with God. Jesus' teachings also states not to engage in violence or warfare; "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."(Matt 5:9). This encouraged Christians to adopt a pacifist position that refused to engage in warfare. This teaching inspired Christian's to be an "artisan of peace" (Pope Frances), but Christian pacifism underwent philosophical challenges, which led to the establishment of the 'Just War' theory. This theory, written by St Augustine, sought to establish seven principals where it was morally acceptable to engage in warfare in order to maintain peace.

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