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            A recent attack of September 11 by Islam, the fastest growing religion in the i/pworld, has caused people to be alarmed or even threatened by the Islamic religion. What would cause people to terrorize other countries in the name of religion? To understand more about the Islamic religion, we will study the role they play in the world today, what they actually teach, and what Christians can do to witness to those who become more interested in the Islamic religion. .
             Since 9/11 terrorist attack on World Trading Centers, and Pentagon, The eyes of the world are focused on the role of Islamic nations and their religion which plays in the world today. In the Islamic religion, the great commission is a goal to bring the whole world under Islamic control. In fact, the world "Islam" means to "surrender" and a Moslem is one who submits. The Arabic work for peace is "salem". Islam is the active form of a salem. Muslem see themselves as a "peace making force" using argument, intrigue, commerce, threats, terrorism, warfare, and every other means possible to secure Islam as the only religion world wiwe.Therefore Islam's primary aim is not spiritual but political and militant in nature. Although "crusade" is not commanded in the Bible, "Jihad" is commanded in Quran, the law book of Islam religion. Jihad means the concept of struggle or extraordinary effort in the belief and practice in Islam. Throughout the history, from the inception of their religion, Moslems have been conquering the infidels, Jews, Christian, and others, taking control of the Holy Land. In this century the Moslem fundamentalists movements have become more stronger and aggressive with such terrorist activities with Osame bin Ladan, Suddam Hussein, Quaddafi in Libia and taliban in Afghanistan. They are united in the restoration of militant Islam that conquer the world for Allah and are willing to support terrorist acts. Their target nations are Christian nations, particularly, the U.

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