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             To fully understand the word rapist you must have the definition of rape. There are many different definitions of rape. According to www.yourdictionary.com, rape can mean a European plant. But who knew that? It can also be what is left of the grape after the juice is extracted for wine. That to is also probably rarely known. The word, "rape," is most commonly known by this definition: The crime of forcing another person into sexual acts, especially sexual intercourse. This has many different origins but it probably is most like the Latin word rapere, which means, to seize.
             Law enforcement officials, most commonly use the word rape when they are dedicating to that act that goes along with the definition. When someone forces himself or herself upon another person without the proper permission this is commonly known as rape. You would commonly hear used in a sentence like this, John Doe is being charged today with the rape of a thirty-year-old female. I think in every sense of the definition society would agree that this is the proper use of this word.
             Like stated above it is emphasized when the act occurs. When people hear this word there immediate reaction a very angry feeling. It is not a word you just throw around. To some it can be very powerful. It may be hard for some people to say, especially if the act of rape has happened to them. It has many ways of ruining a person's life long after the act had occurred. Even hearing the word could affect someone.
             I don"t think many positive things come from the word rape. It defines a very horrible and criminal act that can severely damage a person's will to even live. The groups most often affected by this are women, although it can also happen to men. Not only are the victims of rape affected by this, but also so are the families of both sides. .
             It is too bad that we have to have this word in our vocabulary. It is a very heinous crime that the world should definitely have to live without.

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