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Austen Lawrence Comparison

             As quickly read through the passages from Austen's Emma and Lawrence's Sons and Lovers seem quite similar. When given the once-over, differences are grasped and the two texts seem very different. .
             Of course the dialect in Sons and Lovers stands out vividly. Not just because Austen's text lacks any speech, but for its tone. "I"ll lay my fist about thy y"ead- being a good example. There is no indication that a character from Emma would talk in such a manner. Certainly not Mrs. John Knightltey " a pretty, elegant little woman, of gentle, quit manners- .
             Also the language the characters in Sons and Lovers use, the old English, making them sound almost as people of southern United States. The language and lexis in Emma, again, is very proper and cold even, lacking the vibrant emotion of Sons and Lovers. Even thought the language used by the characters in Sons and Lovers, the lexis and tone of Emma makes the setting seem further back in time. Words like benevolence and affectionate, and phrases like extreme sweetness and maternal solicitude are not seen in Lawrence's text are would fit in.
             Even if the texts concern somewhat same groups of characters, dismayed families, the individuals are completely different. Lawrence's characters are from middle-, working class whereas the Knightleys are obviously from a higher-class society. The communication breakdown that the family of Sons and Lovers are having, is not the problem with the Knightleys. The Knightleys seem to be a bit superficial ," but with reserved manners which prevented his being generally pleasing", and the behavior of the Morels would not fit in. .
             The narration also is diverse with these two passages. In Sons and Lovers the narrator tells pretty much what there is too see and a little of what has been seen in the past, giving a bit background to the characters. Emma's narrator again is very descriptive giving full descriptions for the characters and the situation.

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