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death of a salesman

            In the play, Death of a Salesman, the character Willy Loman portrays the role of a.
             traveling salesman who feels insecure about his persona. Willy is constantly comparing.
             himself with others and has the tendency of always putting others down with the excuse of.
             them not being "well-liked". The topic that constantly arises is how poorly Willy shows a.
             good example for his two sons. Since Willy has a low self-esteem, it affects his family life.
             and his role as the head of a household. .
             In Death of a Salesman, the theme of the "American Dream" is to have the ideal.
             family, be successful, and well-liked. But in reality, the fact that this family is trying so.
             hard to be successful, almost makes the play ironic. Willy Loman is more concerned with.
             his son, Biff being successful and what others will think of him means more than anything.
             else. His ways of always remembering the past is a sense of regressing subconconciously.
             because he wishes he could go and do things differently. While he might think that he's.
             just "remembering" something, Willy is always having conversations with either himself or.
             others, believing he's talking to his brother or people from his past. .
             Loman's personality affects his family life because they might feel that they can't.
             do better in life being that they've had the example of failure in their family. Although,.
             Willy is never an actual bum on the street, he isn't exactly what you would call a.
             professional or someone who is considered "VIP". He isn't your average manager or .
             Vice President of a Company, he is your average traveling salesman. .
             Since Willy never got to live the life he wanted, it causes him to affect the way his.
             family life is. In the play, Loman is portrayed as a man who is always excused by his wife.
             because she tries to make him feel better about himself while he would puts her down. His.
             two sons, Biff and Happy, are two failures. Biff Loman was Willy's pride and joy, mainly.

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