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The Crucible

             The word crucible in the dictionary means a container of metal used to heat things to high temperatures or a severe searching test or trial. This definition applies to the play in that the society is a theocratic society. The witch trials eliminated undesirable persons from the society just as a crucible eliminates unwanted metals from the mixture. In the Crucible there are many characters that undergo changes and some that do not. Some characters that undergo changes are Reverend Hale and John Proctor and some characters that do not change are Danforth. .
             One of the first characters that went through a change in the story was Reverend Hale. An adjective that describes Hale in the beginning of the play is overwhelmed and full of pride. In the beginning of the play Hale wants to show people what he is really all about and that he is a smart man, and in the beginning he is one of the main forces of the witch trials. Hale enters the play with a great deal of enthusiasm and a large flurry of activity. As the play goes on he starts to realize that the witch trials are going ballistic and are out of control. After listening to Proctor and Mary he starts to realize who is telling the truth and who is trying to benefit from the witch trials. At the end of the play Hale is more of a moral man and his belief in witchcraft falters and so does his belief in the law. In Act 5 Hale tries to convince people that their life is not worth giving even if it means confessing to something that you have not done. .
             The next character that has changed in the course of the play is John Proctor. In the beginning of the play an adjective that could describe John is that of immense pride. In the beginning John had committed adultery with Abigail. John did not want to admit to adultery to stop the witch trials because he was afraid of the public opinion. He tries to stop the trials in a way to not reveal his sin and save his name.

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