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Death Penalty

             They are victims of senseless murder, but should the murderous felons die as well? Capital Punishment is a major controversy. Debating whether they receive execution or spend the rest of their ruined lives rotting in a jail cell seems pointless. The government throws away these human's lives. We control the lives of these criminals and we should not waste them. We should use the thousands of them to better our society. Rather than capital punishment, the government should create work teams using death row criminals to better our communities. The death penalty has been debated since the beginning of humankind. Today a total of 94 countries and territories use the death penalty for ordinary crime, including the United States. In the other 57 countries in the world, the death penalty no longer exists. In some of the 57 countries, capital punishment is only banned for ordinary crimes and still effective for military crimes or crimes committed in exceptional circumstances such as wartime (Doan, 2). Currently 34 of the states in the U.S. exercise capital punishment. The most recent to abolish capital punishment was Massachusetts, in 1984, and New York, in 1995, was the most recent to reinstate it, according to the NAACP. During 1977 and 1994, Texas executed the highest number of prisoners, a total of 85. As of 1996 there were 3,122 inmates on death row. These convicts could help with government labor with a hope that they might be free someday. Figures show that, with men, 80% decide in favor of the death penalty, and women the vote was 74%. White populations vote 81% for capital punishment and blacks only 53% (Doan, 2). This information means that the general public will resolve to end the lives of these killers. By offering an alternative, these figures may alter themselves significantly. Those opposing the death penalty would obtain some level of satisfaction with a work program for death row inmates.

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