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technological breakthroughs

            There were many technological breakthroughs in the last century. The mankind explored the space, made first steps in the biotechnology and made great strides in the telecommunication and the microelectronic. Today we can't live without computers or telephone. The internet is very important in every area of our life. But there are also some groups, which live like 300 years before. So, what is the right way?.
             The technological breakthroughs make our life easier, but there are also many disadvantages. Some gears, which have principal good uses are the telephone, the compact disc, the pocket calculator, the telly and the electric light bells. But many inventions have good and bad uses. For example the microwave oven make the meal eatable in a short time. But on the negative side are the microwaves bad for the health. An other instance is the nuclear technology. It is the easiest way to make power, but the military use it also in weapons. The army also use other inventions like infra-red-photography or the laser technology for their machinations. But these technologies are also need for the civil use. For example with a laser it is able to make fast and efficient surgeries.
             One of the most important inventions is the computer. He is a part of the most jobs. The young people accept these PCs, but the most of the older generation won't have one. The Computer is very practical. You can write texts and get access to the internet. It is possible to interchange files. So it is very easy to get contact to people in other countries. The Computer was the biggest revolution in the 90's. .
             A little revolution are the successes in the biotechnology. The researcher alter the genes of vegetables or animals. The vegetables are bigger and solider and the animals, like cows, sheep, pigs or chickens, are become faster fat and have more meat. On the positive side the people in the third world have enough food, but the researchers change the run of the nature.

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