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             Have you ever wondered what it takes to build such a structure? Engineering is the profession that puts scientific knowledge to practical use. Scientific knowledge is understanding mathematical reasoning with a scientific twist. Practical use is taking the vision of science, math and common sense and creating an infrastructure. Engineering is a very challenging profession; whether one becomes a mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, or civil engineer, he or she will find this career rewarding and fulfilling.
             The study of engineering started many years ago. It originated in the prehistoric times from people using some basic techniques from things in nature. For instance, sturdy sticks were used as levers and large logs were used as rollers. The earliest engineers built structures and developed tools by trial and error. (Parsons, Engineers and Engineering in the Renaissance, 176). The word "engineering" comes from the Latin words meaning to design or create. The history of engineering is the record of human ingenuity (Kirby, Engineering in History, 42).
             May fields of engineering have developed since the 1750's. Before the 1800's engineering only worked with buildings, roads, bridges, canals, or weapons. The construction of the gigantic pyramids at Giza during the 2500"b.c. was one of the greatest engineering works of ancient times. .
             During the 1800's engineers began to specialize in certain kinds of work. Distinct branches started developing during the Industrial Revolution. Since 1900, the number of engineers has increased dramatically. Engineers face the challenging task of keeping pace with the latest advances while working to shape the technology of the future. .
             Some scientific and technological breakthroughs have been artificial hearts, airplanes, computers, lasers, nuclear energy, plastics, space travel, and television.
             To become an engineer, one must be dedicated to school and fulfill many requirements.

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