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            In reading the play "Trifles" the reader learns that two of the main characters, Mrs. Peters, suppress evidence that will help the county attorney establish the motive behind the murder of John Wright. I feel that the two women are morally obligated to tell the county attorney what they know. It's the law plain and simple, and I believe in following the law. However, if it were me in the same situation I would have hidden the evidence too.
             To understand the moral dilemma that faces Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, a few key topics need to be brought to light. Such as some of the major symbols which are used as metaphors in this play, the role of women in 1916, and some character analysis on the two women. The first one is the comparison between Mrs. Wright and a bird. Mrs. Wright is described by Mrs. Hale as "kind of like a bird herself". This was before her marriage to John Wright. However, birds are forced to live in cages, just as Minnie was forced to live in an abusive relationship in which her husband takes away all of her freedom.
             Another important metaphor in this play is the rocking chair. "The chair sagged to one side". Mrs. Hale stated that the chair was not anything like she remembered. This can be compared to how Mrs. Hale remembered Minnie years ago. "I wish you"d seen Minnie Foster when she wore a white dress with blue ribbons and stood up there in the choir and sang". Notice how she refers to Minnie by using her maiden name. This shows how Minnie Foster, who was once something to look at, became the run down looking Minnie Wright. Just as the rocking chair depreciated, so did Mrs. Wright.
             Next, it is important to discuss the role of females at the time the play was written. We can start with the title. While it is known that the word trifle simply means something unimportant or of little value, the word is used in this play to convey how the men considered women's duties, and maybe their opinions as well, to be insignificant.

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