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Old and New Imperialism

            Imperialism, or empire building, is a practice whereby a more powerful country dominates and influences a weaker nation, either by economic, political or religious means. Imperialism is sometimes used interchangeably with colonialism, which implies formal political control, involving territorial annexation, and loss of sovereignty1. .
             Old imperialism "Gold, God and Glory".
             Global expansion and imperialism in Europe initially began in the fifteenth century. Colonization and expansion of the European countries during this time to 1815 was termed old imperialism. Old imperialists generally steered clear of territorial claims and major players during this time were the Dutch, Portuguese and the Spanish. These imperialist countries were mainly concerned with trade monopoly and channeled their resources into establishing forts and ports essential for promoting trade. Wealth from non-interference trade was the main driving factor. Old imperialists recognized the economic burden in colonization as it could possibly lead to colonial wars and raise taxes, hence harming their economic interest. Therefore, old imperialists established themselves as crown enterprises which colonizes by means of treaties and alliances which prevented locals from trading with other European competitors. The political structure of the .
             1 (Chris Talbot, 1999).
             colonies was left intact as it was never the main intention of the corporate companies.
             govern unless it interfered with their economic interests. Indirect rule was prevalent and local government officials were used. There was limited self-rule and government institutions are based on European styles but allowed local rules. A typical example was Dutch colonialism in the form of the V.O.C., or Dutch East India Company, which lasted from 1605 to 1799. The V.O.C. had little interest in territorial administration and its primary concern was to maximize profits through trading monopolies.

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