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Republicans in Control

             With the midterm elections finally over we now see that the Republican Party will control both houses of Congress. With Republicans in control we are going to see many of their issues finally getting passed. At the top of their list is going to be a war with Iraq, tax reforms, and an attempt to boost the economy. The economic effects of having a Republican- dominated federal government are still unclear but we can speculate that they are going to try to do what they can to boost the economy. Many voters believe that having the Republicans in control of the two houses would get more done. Mitch Adwon, a Republican real estate investor from Tulsa says that the country would be at a slight advantage if the GOP won "because more would get done" . Only time will tell which issues will pass and how much will get done.
             With Iraq at the middle stage in these elections, the Democrats did not stand a chance. A recent New York Times/ CBS News Poll found that Americans ranked terrorism ahead of the economy. "The discussion about Iraq," Bill McInturff, a Republican says, "has prevented the Democrats from coalescing the economic sentiment against Bush and the Republicans." War is going to be a top priority with the Republicans in control of the houses. We can probably expect that if the chance comes up to go to war with Iraq, that chance is going to be taken. With all of this talk about war people may think that war is the only thing that we can expect, but the Republicans have other plans as well. .
             Taxes are another big issue with the Republicans. Tax reforms actually. They would use their new power to speed up tax cuts that were to take effect gradually. "A House leadership aide says one of the first measures to be passed by a Republican - controlled congress would be a permanent version of last year's phased - in, $1.35 trillion tax cut, scheduled to expire in 2010." The administration also wants to eliminate the double taxation of corporate dividends.

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