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             This paper is going to be about some basic things dealing with tobacco. Also there will be some advanced things dealing with tobacco and how it can affect your body and things like that. I will tell you what some types of tobacco are, why people often use tobacco, some brief history about tobacco, why people use tobacco, why people don't quit, how you can quit if you do smoke and a couple of other things. Some of this paper will also be about my life and how tobacco has affected it. Now I will start off by telling you what tobacco is and what it does.
             Tobacco is mainly a substance used to make people feel better about themselves. Tobacco is highly addictive with nicotine in it. It is bad for your body. It is also something that can be in many types for use. Some people think that tobacco is cool. It is a substance that contains many chemicals in it. It is something that can cause cancer if used to much. It is something that can cause cancer in the mouth, lung and other places on the human body. Also tobacco according to the dictionary is a tropical American plant widely wanted for its leaves which is used in many various ways and used in the mouth to chew or smoked.
             In America there are many different ways to use tobacco. One of the ways you can use it is to smoke it. You can buy filtered cigarettes from the store. The filtered ones wont do as much damage as unfiltered cigarettes. They will still do damage to you though. They are smoked through the mouth into the throat and finally in to the lungs. Another way to use tobacco is to chew it. You can do this by buying smokeless tobacco. Some people put it in the side of their mouth and chew it and some leave it in the side of their mouth to sit there. This is not good because it can cause mouth cancer. You can tell if you have mouth cancer by looking in your mouth where you usually have the tobacco and see if it is red. If it is red it is bad but you can get rid of it.

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