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risk vs The Prince

            In the game of risk I completely took over the board and in doing so used very good strategies as close as I could get to the strategies of Machiavelli. Before I started the game I knew how to play and had played many times before but with different rules. Knowing how to play the game and think a bit before I started was very much like Machiavelli. My strategies to begin included thinking about what I was going to do to try and win and take great risks in doing so with out hurting myself or destroying myself. ",since he must work either by address or force, each of which excites distrust in the person raised to power." (8). This shows that you can take over countries or Princedoms with force or by negotiation. In which I choose to take over countries with force and action by attacking rather then holding off and signing treaties. .
             In my comparison of the way that I played and the ways in which Machiavelli speaks of are very similar. Machiavelli speaks of "They who come to the Princedom, as these did, by virtuous paths, acquire with difficulty, but keep with ease." (13). When Machiavelli says this he is in the middle of talking about how a Prince who acquires Princedom with merit instead of good fortune has an easier time maintaining the Princedom. Machiavelli also interprets the idea of a Prince who stands alone in more powerful then a Prince who has been helped along the way. I took both of these suggestions and made a plan to sign no treaties unless beneficial to me in every way in which I'm not at loss of anything. In this case I did not sign any treaties. Other people in my group signed a treaty that stated that one of them was to take over some countries while the other person helped him and took over some more countries as well. This treaty did not work as well as the people thought it would because they did not accomplish what they wanted to. They thought by coming together in their attempt to dominating the world they could become more powerful.

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