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The Bone Collector

            The Bone Collector (1999), written by Jeremy Iacon and directed by Phillup.
             Noyce looked to have a very unoriginal theme considering it turned out to be a.
             police procedural. The serial killer kidnaps people, kills them, but leaves clues.
             for the police to investigate. I on the other hand like watching detective flicks no.
             matter how unoriginal the story may look. With stars like Denzel Washington and.
             Angelina Jolie you know it is going to be a good film. A few of the other.
             important characters are Queen Latifah who plays the role as Thelma, Lincoln.
             Rhymes nurse, and Leland Orser, he is the suspicious Doctor that turns out to be.
             the serial killer. The cast also included minor characters such as Michael Rooker,.
             Captain of the police force, Ed O"Neill, as Det. Paulie Sellito, and Luis Guzman, as.
             one of the forensics officers.
             In the beginning of the film we see Detective Lincoln Rhyme (Washington) .
             entering a crime scene. He goes into a collapsed shaft to investigate the body of .
             a deceased police officer. He turns the body over to see his own face as a large .
             piece of metal comes down and crushes him. He then wakes up out of the .
             nightmare, lying in what almost looks like a hospital room. Rhyme has been .
             paralyzed for the past four years, living most of his days in his own apartment .
             under the care of his nurse Thelma (Queen Latifah). The worse thing is Rhyme .
             has seizures that could eventually turn him into a vegetable. He asks one of his .
             best friends, Dr. Lehman (John Benjermin Hickey), to help him commit suicide. .
             His friend agrees, but leaves telling him that he'll be back on Sunday. We're next .
             introduced to Amelia Donaghy (Jolie) a New York police officer. She takes a call .
             to investigate down near some old railroad tracks. She finds the small boy who .
             reported the scene; she then sees a hand sticking out of the ground. She comes .
             closer and finds a hand with its index finger shaved off to the bone with a .

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