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             The night was crystal clear, no moon and the sky was filled with stars, the waves of the sea was silent. Assured that all was well Captain Smith retired for the night leaving Lightoller with the instructions "If in the slightest degree doubtful let me know." (Kamuda, Edward).
             By 11:30 p.m. most passengers had went to bed, but a few stayed up playing cards in the first class smoking room. The stewards staid up in the main dining saloon preparing breakfast for Monday morning. They carefully arranged china edged in 22k gold on the tables. The clock on the first class grand staircase showed 11:40 p.m. as the Titanics" passengers slept or relaxed. (Kamuda, Edward).
             A few minutes later Fleet, who was in the crow's nest, made out a small black object directly in their path. Fleet yelled out to the other lookout "There is ice ahead". Fleet rang the crow's nest bell three times meaning that something lies ahead. The bridge responded with "What did you see?" Fleet yelled "Iceberg, right ahead." The first officer seen the iceberg and ran to the engine room to steer the ship from hitting the iceberg. It was too late the 46,000-ton liner struck the berg breaking iron rivet heads fastening the steel shell plates causing massive leakage. (Kamuda, Edward).
             Now that the ship was taking on water, the officers and crew ordered the passengers to put on their lifejackets and head up to the deck. At first the passengers didn't want to leave the warmth and safety of their room at midnight when it was quiet and nothing alarming happening. On deck smith ordered for the lifeboats to be uncovered and swung over the side. He also had Phillips send a distress signal out. One of the ships to answer the call was Carpathia, on her way to the Mediterranean. The commander turned the ship around at once and started towards Titanic's last reported position at 17.5 knots. At her fastest speed of 17.5 knots, it would take over four hours to reach the sinking ship.

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