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             The sinking of the Titanic was talked about being the most historic incident in .
             It has been the basis for a movie breaking all the records around the .
             country. The Titanic was a British passenger liner, struck by an iceberg off southern .
             Newfoundland on the night of April 14, 1912 and sank. The ship, the largest and most.
             luxurious build up to that time, was on its voyage from South Hampton to New York.
             The ship was carrying more than 2,200 people; about 1,500 were drowned. Official.
             inquiries determined that the Titanic was traveling too fast for the known icy conditions.
             The Titanic rammed the iceberg at a speed of 22.5 knots (Ballard 20).
             The large loss of life was partly because of the failure of a nearby ship, the .
             Californian to respond to the distress signals and not enough number of lifeboats. The.
             shipwreck prompted international agreements to improve safety procedures at sea. In.
             September 1985, a joint U.S.-French scientific expedition located the Titanic at a depth.
             of about 13,000 feet off the coast of Newfoundland. Using a deep sea robot equipped.
             with sensing devices and cameras, the team of scientists photographed the ship, which.
             appeared to be 75% intact (Lord, Remember 112). The sinking of the Titanic and the .
             unfortunate deaths of many innocent people was caused in part by the fallacy that the.
             Titanic was unsinkable.
             The Titanic was under the leadership of Captain Edward Smith. Smith and others.
             agreed that the Titanic was "the ship of dreams." The ship was holding 2,200 .
             passengers and 860 of them was crew (Lord, Remember 30). The Titanic.
             weighed around 46,000 tons and she displaced 52,310 long tons, and was 882 feet, 9- .
             inches long overall (Ballard 20). She was 94 feet wide and 175 feet tall of her.
             four funnels. In other terms, the Titanic was the equivalent of an 11-stories-high building.
             and a sixth of a mile long. She only had enough space for 962 lifeboats, the actual .
             capacity for the lifeboats was 1,178 (Pellegrino 32).

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