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             Hollywood drama and historical events have been closely linked for decades. Over the years, countless movies have been made using historical settings to provide a framework for their storyline. Whether it be "Gone with the Wind", "Saving Private Ryan", or even "Blackhawk Down", history and drama have proven themselves as a successful and entertaining combination. We have seen some Hollywood screenplays use historical events only for background purposes, focusing less on historical fact and more on the story at hand, while others stick closely to the actual historical events, adding their story line but keeping the integrity of the historical detail. .
             The story of the Titanic, which has been the focus of numerous documentaries and novels, became a Hollywood blockbuster in 1997. The Titanic, which was a luxury cruise line that was the largest and most luxurious vessel of her time, was commonly referred to as the "Ship of Dreams". At noon on April 10th, 1912, as the great Titanic exited her slip in Southampton, England, it was assumed that a new era in of shipping and sea travel was upon us. The titanic is known to be a great luxury ship, but it was also used as an R.M.S., which stands for a Royal Mail Ship. Even though she was touted as "unsinkable" and "indestructible", it was quickly realized that the Titanic was not the modern marvel it was dubbed to be. Four days later, the dreams and aspirations of both the designers and the passengers died and sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. .
             The Hollywood adaptation of the event commences with actual footage of the beautiful vessel at port in Southampton. Two deep dive submarines are then shown at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, in hopes of recovering some the ships preserved treasures. The submarines were searching specifically for Caledon Hockley's safe, which was assumed to have the one of a kind "blue diamond" inside.

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