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             It was the beginning to the 20th century, a time when technological miracles were being created at a fantastic rate. The world economy was booming and many were prosperous. With the invention of faster, more comfortable ocean going vessels, it was now possible to cross the Atlantic in a relatively short time. Ships such as Cunard's Lusitania were setting new records in speed and White Star Lines, in direct competition with Cunard, so something had to be done.
             And so the Titanic was born. Built be the Harland and Wolff shipping company, she was touted as being the safest, most luxurious ship ever created, as well as being the largest vessel of her time. Her interiors were luxurious and comparable to many of the finest hotels found in Europe. She had two elevators, a swimming pool, barber shop, gymnasium, and many more luxuries that were unheard of on a ship. She was truly a "floating palace" as many of the passengers remarked.
             Using an ingenious system of sixteen watertight compartments in her hull and more lifeboats than the current law required. She was indeed a miracle to behold. Titanic was a ship that not even God himself could sink.
             On April 4, 1912, with great fanfare and over 2000 people aboard, the Titanic left dock on her voyage to New York and sailed into history. She would not be seen again for more than 70 years.
             The Titanic's tow wireless operators, Jack Phillips and his assistant Harold Bride, were in the wireless room busy trying to catch up with the multitude of passenger messages that needed to be sent. The wireless set had been broken down the previous day and had not been repaired until early Sunday morning. At 1:40pm, while the men were working hard to catch up, they were interrupted by the message from White Star steamer Baltic. The message was as follows: "Captain Smith, Titanic. Have had Greek streamer Athinai reports passing icebergs and large quantity of field ice today in latitude 41.

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