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shanghai lander

             Shanghai is a metropolis brimming with energy. It is the "home city" of three kinds of landers.First, the native residents who are born here and take the whole city for granted.Second,there are quite a lot of people coming from other provinces of China in pursuit for something.Third,the ones come abroad wanting to evade or grisp something.
             The Shanghai native landers have built up a reputation for being smug and aloof, for being trendy and faddish, for being materialistic and conservative, and above all for being open to new ideas. They are not as entrepreneurial as their brethren to the south, nor as hard-nosed as their brethren to the north.In the past long time, they have made the city the "most discriminatory against foreigners" -- in the eyes of them, all non-Shanghainese were "country bumpkins". What's more, native shanghainese are apt to be said too stingy.Yet it's quite understandable for we must admit surroundings have important effect on people's behavior.Most shanghainese's living room is quite limited.Five or six families cook in the same kitchen and seven or eight families share one lavatory.It's not surprising for them to become particular and haggle over every penny. Yet with the improvement of living condition and Shanghai's built-in broad-mind,Shanghai makes itself have now opened its door to all talent and is promoting the idea of a "new Shanghainese". Native shanghainese are no longer the exclusionist and they are no longer haughty because of their native accent.One is a Shanghainese so long as one works or runs a business there, never mind where one comes from. .
             This trend creates the second kind of landers.As newcomers from other provinces,most of them are influenced by the promise of good opportunities.They want to realize their individual dreams ,which is hard to do in their home city.They have moved from daily bewilderment at the strangeness of their adopted city to familiarity and even, at times, acceptance and understanding.

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