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Romeo and Juliet

             William Shakespeare wrote many plays one which was titled Romeo and Juliet. It was written in 1856 in Elizabethan time. In those times people believed that whatever happened to you happened for a reason and that it was your fate, which was unchangeable. In the play Romeo and Juliet mischance, miscalculations and accidents lead to events that eventually cause the death of Romeo and Juliet. The characters in this play constantly fall victim to the human condition of not knowing. .
             Throughout the play you see that there are many examples of mischance. Juliet's letter to Romeo was not delivered on time. Friar Lawrence was to deliver it, however he had been seen in a house where the sickness was known to be, therefore he was placed under lock and key. Romeo didn't receive her letter therefore he was not aware of Juliet's plans. When Romeo arrives at Juliet's grave early, this causes things to happen. Romeo encounters County Paris grieving over the chamber, which holds Juliet's body. Romeo and Paris both loved Juliet and because of jealousy they engage in battle. The outcome of this fight leads Romeo to feeling more guilt because he delivered a fatal blow to County Paris. County Paris last wish was "Open the tomb, lay me with Juliet." (5, 3, 73) The last example of mischance was when Romeo enters the chamber, seeing her body and feeling he can't go on living without her, so he commits suicide. Within minutes the potion stops working and Juliet wakes up.
             Accidents are a frequent occurrence within this play. An example of this would be when Mercutio and Tybalt were engaged in a duel. Romeo stepped in to try and end the fight by stepping in front of Mercutio; this stopped him because he did not want to hurt Romeo. However this gave Tybalt the chance to stab Mercutio by aiming below Romeo's arm, thus ending Mercutio's life. Out of anger and guilt over Mercutio's death Romeo acts out and slays Tybalt.

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