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Antz:a social commentary

            We live our lives in a linear fashion. Going to school, finding a job and starting a family seems expected from the society we live in. Though we may never be directly told what to do, we know we are supposed to act a certain way. Everything we see from the moment of our birth until death tells us what we should do, society, through things like school and the media tell us what we should do. Mindlessly we do as we walk through life without question, and without thought. What would happen if we questioned the structure that we live in? If we stood out of line and thought for ourselves? These are questions that have been posed many times throughout history with demonstrations and rebellion. In 1998 the film Antz was released in theatres. This movie was a social commentary of how our society works. The film featured a colony of ants that paralleled many factors of the world we live in. This includes trying to embrace your individuality, to do what is right not only for yourself, but for others and the struggle to find your place in society.
             The film opens with Z, a worker ant, sitting in his therapist's office. He is discussing his feelings of inadequacy and insignificance. The therapist congratulates him for realizing that he is insignificant. Z has to struggle with finding himself; he must go against the grain of society and prove he is worthwhile. Many people, especially teenager feel this way, like they don't know who they are and have to prove their worth. Hopefully as people grow they become more aware of who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Z's journey to "Insectopia" is the journey taken in order to find himself. We all must take a similar journey through our minds in order to discover ourselves.
             I am going through this journey, as I know many of my peers are as well. In the four years I have been in high school I have greatly changed. So much in fact that if I were to come across myself four years ago I would hardly recognize myself.

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