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manchester vs. costa rica

            The industrial revolution increased production of good and raised the standards of living. Manchester compares with its industrialization process and contrasts with Costa Rica in the aspects of working conditions, living conditions and class tensions.
             Manchester's working conditions contrasts to Costa Rica's meaning that workers from Manchester would be exploited and would work an average of 17 hours a day for 6 days a week; opposite to Manchester, Costa Ricans work an average of nine-ten hours a day for six days a week, but in Costa Rica workers get paid extra hours unlike in Manchester workers wouldn't get paid for those extra hours. The Costa Rican workers have a constitution of laws which protects the workers from being fired from unjust reasons, on the contrary now good reasons are needed to fire a worker in Costa Rica and if it isn't for a good reason the worker can't be fired. The factories exploited English workers and if they would have had gotten injured by a machine, they would've been fired because they didn't have a strong constitution of laws that protected them from being fired unjustly. In Manchester there was no government program to provide aid in case of injury, if a worker was injured the worker would be fired and probably would have been considered useless and wouldn't be able to get another job; on the other hand in Costa Rica there is the C.C.S.S.(Caja Costarricence del Seguro Social) providing medical attention for everyone including the needed. The English factories were unsafe and the work with machines were dangerous, often English workers lost arms, fingers, even legs while operating machines that were unsafe; in Costa Rica there are safety procedures approved which are approved and monitored by the government which makes the work in factories way far safer. Working in factories a worker's life span reduced about ten years due to contamination; unlike in Costa Rica workers work in safe conditions and that way they don't reduce their life span a lot.

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