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Costa Rica

            Costa Rica is in the North Western hemisphere, in North America. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica; it lies in a valley's mountain interiors.
             San Jose's latitude and longitude are: 100 North and 840 West. At Costa Rica's North is Nicaragua, to the South Panama, to the East Pacific Ocean and to the West Caribbean Sea.
             Costa Rica only has two seasons, the wet one and the dry one. The dry season is from late December to April, the wet one is from May to early december. The caribbean coastal regions tend to be wet all year round as well as the pacific coastal region, although less on dry season. At the highlands, the dry season is dry, with only one or two rainy days per month. However, in the rainy season it can rain up to twenty days per month. In Costa Rica the lowest average temperature is 15°C and the highest average is 30 C. The average tempature in total is 26 C. .
             The total area of Costa Rica is: 51.100 km2, from North to South there is 354 km, from East to West there is 381 km. The coastline in the Pacific Ocean is 612 km long and the Caribbean coastline 214 km. .
             The population in 2002 was 3.834.934. 30% of the population were people that had 0-14 years, 63% were 15-64 years old, and 5% were 65 years and older. Most people die at age of 76.
             Costa Rica's population growth is faster than any other country of Central America.
             A Chain of mountains stretches across central Costa Rica from North West to South West. A few of the highest peaks in these chains are volcanoes. Tropical rainforests grow on the countries coastal lowlands, Costa Rica is a very mountainous country.
             Cordilleras are chains of high mountain ranges. The cordilleras divide the country in to three land regions: .
             A: The central high lands; which consists of two large areas of fertile farmland.
             B: The Caribbean lowlands; which is a wide band of swampy tropical jungles.
             C: The Pacific Coastal Strip; which is a large area of lowlands.

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