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             Elie Wiesel, the author of Night, explains in his book the awful and horrific ways that Jews were treated during the Holocaust. The book narrated by Eliezer. Eliezer is a young Jewish teenager who is from Sighet in Hungarian. Eliezer's instructor of Jewish Mysticism, Moshe the Beadle, is taken by the Gestapo, German secret police, and led to the woods where he and everyone else on his train to be killed. Moshe doesn't get killed and returns to his home town to warn the locals of the Nazi's plan to kill all the Jews. Nobody listens to Moshe and decides to stick around. In spring of 1944, the Jews of Eliezer's town is forced to stay in Sighet in ghettos. They are eventually put onto cattle cars and forced to travel to Birkenaeu. Once Eliezer's family gets there he and his father are separated from the rest of their family. Eliezer and his father then go through an inspection where they will either be burned or put to work. He and his father both pass inspection and are put to work. Before they are put to work they are all stripped and cleaned and treated incredibly cruel. Next they are marched to the main camp. Auschwitz, but eventually arrive in Buna. There Eliezer and his father are put to work in a factory. The Nazi's continue inspection with many getting killed by the day. The next part of the book discusses the cruelty and harsh environment that the Jews must live in. With this kind of atmosphere people begin to become concerned only with their life and no one else. Most people turn their back on God and blame him for all the deaths. After being in the camp for months Eliezer has to undergo foot surgery. Before he fully heals the Nazis decide to evacuate the camp because the Russians have almost liberated Buna. He and the other Jews are then forced to run fifty miles in the snow till they reach another concentration camp called Gleiwitz. Many of the Jew were killed on the way and what few remain, about a hundred, are forced to get on another board car , but only tweleve survive that.

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