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             As the business world becomes a global village, today's managers face new challenges. Often, these challenges occur as a result of the cultural and norms-of-behavior diversities of the different countries. A well thought preparation and study of the cultural behaviors in a foreign country could prove to be a great asset to a manger coming to the negotiating table. .
             One of these cultural challenges is the business related alcohol consumption. As alcohol consumption is commonly expectable during certain business activities in Asia and Europe (especially, East Europe), this phenomenon is primarily challenging for American managers were alcohol is not part of the customary business conduct. Therefore, American managers should be especially aware to the influences that are associated with alcohol consumption, even if done in moderation.
             The consumption of alcohol during business activities can be commonly found during the past centuries. Moreover, in some cultures business cannot take place without the consumption of alcohol. Consequently, many managers view the consumption of alcohol as part of the way business is done, without considering the effects of alcohol. Even a modest amount of alcohol can have a major effect on cognitive and physical functions, and can harm negotiators in several ways. .
             According to study done by Prior, there is a strong relationship between consumption of alcohol and aggressiveness, and even violence (Schweitzer, p.50). Although it is sometimes necessary and beneficial to show aggressive behavior in a negotiation, there is a danger that an inebriated negotiator will become too aggressive. This can result in a conflict and consequently, in a futile negotiation. Moreover, recently, a study was done to see the relationship between alcohol consumption and the negotiating process. In the study, a group of negotiators was given a moderate amount of alcohol and was recorded while performing negotiations with alcohol-free counterparts.

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