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A communication approach to ed

            "The teacher cannot think for his students, nor can he impose his thought on them" (Friere 54). This quote point outs how educators teach their knowledge of a certain subject to their students by having them listen to his/her lectures. Education should not be seen as a disquisition but instead as a verbal exchange between teachers and students. Teaching is defined as a guidance of studies of different subjects (Merriam Webster). Therefore, teachers are people who steer the education of the learner. If students in a classroom listening to a person speak without having the opportunity to question the materials then they would just memorize it. However, through this kind of approach on education pupils will be able to gain knowledge by challenging it's meaning. This would make them understand the concept thoroughly. With this kind of communication between teacher and students, students are able to understand the meaning of a subject by analyzing, critical thinking and freely expressing their knowledge. .
             An educational environment should be where students are able to analyze the materials they are being taught. They should be able to question its significance to have a better understanding of materials. For example, Friere wrote on how students memorize what they are being taught instead of understanding its deeper meaning. Friere stated, " Four times four is sixteen The students, memorizes, and repeats these phrases without perceiving what four times really means- (51). When you think about it, almost everyone just memorize the times table just to know it for an exam that would have been given in school. When you ask a young child who is beginning to learn multiplication why does four times four equal sixteen they probably would not have an educated answer. .
             In the example of knowing the times table there was no analyzing done by the student. In this kind of environment the instructor is telling the student the answer for each multiplication example, students are not questioning its deeper meaning.

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