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Dynamics of a Groupthink

            In my paper, I will attempt to identify the roles, tasks and dynamics of groupthink.
             Harris and Sherblom (2005) define small group communication as "the transactional process of using symbolic behavior to achieve shared meaning among group members." (p. 4). The dynamics of working in a group can be a learning tool as the group learns to work together, communicate, collaborate, support, take on responsibility, follow direction, influence and lead in the direction in which the group is to achieve the goal or task at hand. Why do people join groups? An individual may join a group for various reasons and according to Harris and Sherblom there are four general reasons; interpersonal interaction, personal need for affiliation, meaning or identity. Being a part of a group is dependent on each member to being willing to work toward a common goal regardless of whether they agree with it. It is the group leader's responsibility to choose a direction for the group and to delegate tasks accordingly. Group thinking constructs an ability to work together, also known as Synergy, which comes from the Greek word sungeros (Morris 1981). "Synergy results from two or more people working together, sharing ideas with open minds and mutual respect, and managing conflict in ways that empower all members, also according to Morris he believes there is an advantage in working in a group. I agree that working in groups can be an advantage, as well as rewarding, frustrating and also an opportunity for an individual to develop leadership skills.
             We have all encountered a time when have worked within in a group, whether it has been at home, school, work, church or in the community in which one lives in. There are many roles that make up the group; some are necessary and some are a necessity. Scholars have divided those roles into two general categories-those that take into consideration the importance of the group's task and those roles necessary for the social and emotional needs of the group (Ketrow, 1991).

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