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Team Behavior

            Learning Team Behavior and Processes.
             Groups have been together to accomplish goals for a very long time. A more recent concept is the use of teams to increase productivity and for decision-making. Teams work collaboratively towards common goals and hold each other accountable for their actions and responsibilities. This creates a synergy where the team can is much more productive than the team members would be individually. (Thomson, Aranda, Robbins 6) Being a team member is not without its challenges though. Proper team integration must be taken into account so that team members can understand their roles and responsibilities. Teams will also experience conflict and must plan on how to manage conflict to continue to be productive. .
             Learning Team D is a group of individuals from different backgrounds working together for common goals. The foremost goals of Team D is the completion of their learning team projects, to maintain social interaction and to learn and retain the principles of organizational behavior. (Levi 48) The planning of the team development and the processes developed for time management, conflict resolution, and decision-making will greatly impact the success or failure of Team D.
             Because Team D is a self managed the individual member must work closely together to ensure that team goals are met. Each team member is responsible to one another as we all share the .
             Learning Team D 2.
             same goal of successfully completing each learning team assignment. To ensure that each team member shares equally in the opportunities provided by different roles within the team the team .
             roles are rotated among its members. Each team member has the opportunity to lead team teleconferences, finalize and submit team papers, and research topics needed to complete team reports. Sharing the roles and responsibilities within the team gives it flexibility for midcourse corrections.
             Decision making process.

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