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China Vs The US

             Seperated by ocean, language, and culture barriers one usually thinks these two countries have nothing in common. Through watching China: Beyond the Clouds, reading about Chinese culture and lifestyle, as well as general knowledge, it is shown that this is not necessarily true. Four different areas of focus shall be examined as the comparisons and contrasts of these two world powers are brought to light.
             Technology is a simple area. The United States is undoubtedly a technologically dependent country. Every thing from banking to shopping to governmental infrastructure is electronical. Most American families have computers installed in their homes which they use for work, school, and entertainment, as well as television sets, satellite dishes, stereo systems, and multi purpose devices. Schools are usually run through electronic means: attendance and grades are entered in and processed through computers, events and calendars sent through email, and pay roll checking through programs designed to tabulate and process the funds of American teachers. Computers and other popular electronical devices are sold at high prices and most people tend to upgrade their machinary every few years for top of the line equipment. .
             China, on the other hand, is not so dependent upon technological and electronical devices. A computer is not a home requirment, in fact is nowhere near as common. A student is most likely not given homework assignments which require the internet or electronic means to accomplish. A business is more likely to have paper records, written by hand or typewriter than electronic transcripts. The Northeastern regions of population and industry are more developed in technological aspects that that of any other region and are more similar to the United States in technology. The equipment and machinary that is implemented in Chinese day to day life, though, is outdated, a bit behind the modernized United States.

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