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Contemporary Issues

             Sport has developed over time from the original Olympics in Ancient .
             Greece to the adaptation of the mob games in pre-industrial revolution Britain. These changes have come about from influences from the media, politics and other countries and cultures. The first section shows a comparison between a democratic country, Britain, and a communist country, China. You will see that there are differences in the two countries, however, there is a large influence in the way sport is established in China from the western countries. .
             Britain vs. China.
             There are many differences between the United Kingdom and China. Other than the language difference and political differences there is a large difference in sport. For example, the main sports played in China are individual sports such as table tennis or badminton, however, in Britain the main sports are team sports such as Football and Rugby. These are apparent when sport is played, attitudes and origins of each game show at this stage.
             China has a long, eventful and illustrious history (see appendix 1). Howard Knuttgen shows us there is evidence to support that there where villages built 6,000 years ago. Ideographic written language can be traced back as long ago as 4,000 years. Due to the geological situation China has been cut off from the western society. As late as 1838, foreign trade was forbidden by the Chinese governmental policy, however the military actions of some western countries opened up some Chinese cities, such as Hong Kong. This political stance stopped any influence from the western society not just in regards to sport. .
             Due to the civil war, after the Japanese invasion and occupation, between Mao Zedong and his communist forces and the nationalist forces of Chiang Kaishek in 1945 - 49, the physical activities carried out where of a military style, they would do marching exercises, and use guns etc. to train. The Ancient Chinese undertook physical activities that are different from the types of sport undertaken by the British.

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