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             In the Glass Menagerie each of the four main characters Amanda, Laura, Tom and Jim live in their own dream worlds. They dream things that they really don't have, or may be they had but when they were young. Laura, Tom and Jim live in dream worlds and these dream worlds are destroying each person lives.
             The dream world of Laura is one where she thinks that she is a little child and not a grown person. Also she thinks that she is ugly and that she is crippled. She thinks that by being crippled no guy would like her and want to go out with her. This kind of dream world is destroying Laura's life, because she doesn't think like a grown woman and she does things that only a child would do. Also by thinking that she is crippled she is destroying her life because she runs away the persons that want to talk to her or want to go out with her, even if those persons really like her.
             The dream world of Tom is one of adventure he wants to travel around the world. He wants a life of adventure, he wants to know the whole world. That's why he wants to join the U.S. army, to have all the adventure he wants. His dream world is destroying his life because he goes too much in the movies drinks a lot and smokes a lot. Also if he joins the army he would be destroying his life because even though he would travel around the world he would travel to fight for his country or anything else but not to get fun or adventure.
             The dream world of Jim is one where he thinks that he is still a popular person like in his days in High School when he was popular and have a lot of girlfriends and all girls like him. When he gets to Tom's house, he even autograph a picture for Laura, thinking that he is still a popular guy. His dream world is also destroying his life because he is not realistic, he doesn't think that he is not in High School any more and that he is not popular anymore. And that he is not young anymore.
             As I showed, living in a dream world could destroy your life.

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