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            For decades researchers have tried to determine why crime rates are stronger and why different crimes occur more often in different locations. Certain crimes are more prevalent in urban areas for several reasons. Population, ethnicity, and inequality all contribute to the more popular urban. Determining why certain crimes occur more often than others is important in Criminal Justice so researchers can find a trend and the police can find a solution.
             According to the Uniform Crime Reports for the year 1999 aggravated assault, larceny (theft), drug abuse violations, burglary, and alcohol violations were the crimes in urban areas with the highest arrest rates. Every month police departments around the nation file reports of crime to the FBI. These numbers are then added and recorded in the Uniform Crime Reports for that year (Taylor 114). The common crimes above were determined using this process. .
             The Uniform Crime Reports are useful because they represent the actual number of violators arrested. Unfortunately, the Uniform Crime Reports do not record all reported crimes. Many crimes are reported that do not end in arrests therefore it is unclear the actual number of crimes committed in each area. For example, seventy-three murders could have taken place in Chicago with only fifty-six arrests. On the other hand, the National Crime Survey is an ongoing survey that questions people in regards to their involvement in crime. This source can also be unreliable because people are not always truthful when confronted with questions regarding their past, especially in regards to crime. (Siegel 41) .
             According to the graph, shown on page five, the crimes with the highest arrest rates were alcohol violations, followed by drug abuse violations, larceny, aggravated assault, and finally burglary. Aggravated assault falls under the Violent Crime Index whereas larceny and burglary fall under the Property Crime Index of the Part I Index Crimes.

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