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            In their sophomore to junior year teens start getting ready for one of the most exciting moments of their lives. This is getting prepared to receive their driver's license. .
             Because the majority are 16 during this time they could start to take the different steps that will allow them to have their license. These steps are as follows: First you should review the booklet that will prepare you for the written exam. The second step is to go to motor vehicle and take the exam. If you pass the test the same day the front clerk will provide you with a permit license. With this you will be capable of getting enough practice behind the wheel. Now that you have your permit the third step takes place, which is going to the 5-hour in class movie. This movie will teach you the hazards along with how a person should react in case of an emergency. The last step is that before and after confirming an appointment for the road test you should keep on practicing. .
             The first step that should be take place is reviewing the booklet. When you see it you may think how am I going to learn all of this, but if you take it by parts it becomes easier. One of the most important parts to study are the chapters that describe the intersections and the signs, which you are supposed to distinguish such signs as a stop sign or a yield to right sign and what you should do when you see one. Another section of the book that will be helpful is the alcohol chapters where they discuss how DWI (driving while intoxicated) can affect your brain. Questions such as: Which drink intoxicates you the fastest a can of beer, any kind of hard liquor such as whiskey, or a glass of wine? The answer to this is all of them could make you equally drunk because they all have the same amount of alcohol. These kinds of questions can appear in the test regarding this section of the book. .
             When you feel confident enough you could go and take the written part of the test.

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