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night and change

             The boy in this story, who is Elie Wiesel himself as a child, is the main character in Night. This story takes him from being a boy to beyond manhood. The questions he is forced to ask himself along the way about himself and his family, but mainly his God are the reasons behind his change.
             Night is about change and Elie is at the forefront. The way that Eliezer was able to adapt to the situations that confronted him, places him in the round character column. To have a round character means that the person or character changes and adapts to the different situations, and in Elie's position this was necessary for him to survive. As a child he was deeply interested in the Talmud and would often study it with a great belief in God. This firm belief would be questioned upon his introduction to what many may consider the ultimate evil. While his devotion would only waver slightly in the final moments of his father's life, his love for him was great. The sacrifices he made for his father and the abuse he endured in the camp are a testament to his character. The traits that Elie shows are noble. While he is blatantly a good person who has done no wrong, he is still forced to suffer like a common criminal. Elie's story is an ugly one, it is one of hope for the survival of him and his family. Elie Wiesel's journey from the ghetto to the camps is also a journey through his faith in God. Elie's outlook on life and character would never be the same because of the Nazi concentration camps. .
             Everything in Elie's life changed including his relationship with his father, and his God. How he adapted to these things show the very depths of his character. The changes in Eliezer's life are obvious throughout the book. First his relationship with his father must be examined to show what kind of person he was towards other people. One thing that did not change between Elie and his father was their love for each other, which was partly responsible for the change that did occur between them.

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