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Hungry For Life

            In every human life there is a need, a longing to be comfortable. By setting goals, planning success, and keeping a strong sense of pride, people strive to be content. The constant search for happiness invokes the lives of man, instigating them to take outrageous risks in order to be closer to achieving their goals, in Lorraine Hansberry's 1959 revolutionary play "A Raisin In The Sun."".
             Though their reality may have let them down, the Younger's have goals and dreams that ultimately give them hope. Walter and Beneatha both have dreams based on materialistic goals (owning a liquor store and becoming a doctor). This gives them hope, but it can also bring along great losses. "Yessss! All of it it's all gone (129)- spits out a crying Walter Younger after a harsh realization that his dream of a liquor store and a fancy, leisurely life have been demolished. Mama and Ruth face more realistic dreams, and strive to one day have a happy family. Mama exuberantly tells Travis that "She went out and bought you a house! (91)- as she wants more than anything to see her family smiling and happy. Mama Lena is willing to risk prejudice in order to provide a comfortable, happy place for her family to live in, and pushes toward her dream.
             While many believe that happiness and success are on and the same, happiness can be found on the road to success, and can be had just the same without it. Mama Younger never had much success in her life; she was a poor lady who had little money, lived in poverty, and was widowed. Mama comments "We ain't no business people Ruth. We just plain working folks (42)."" Showing that Mama has accepted her poverty stricken disadvantage, and has deferred her dream of being wealthy enough to tend her own garden. On the other hand, Walter Lee Younger thirsts for financial success more than anything else. "I want so many things that they are driving me crazy (73)- Walter explains to Mama.

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