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College is the Product of amer

             College is the product of American culture. Advertised, packaged and sold for the average price of a nice Mercedes Benz, higher education is marketed as the key to a successful life. College educates and transforms its students through classes, extracurricular activities, and campus life; but is not something that can be mass produce and distribute across the country, but rather a unique learning experience for each individual. Zinsser writes as if all the students are the same, panicky, overwrought, and materialistic. Taking a position counter to his opinion, I believe there are different types of students, who can be found in the college campus.
             As noted above, college is a unique learning experience for each individual, which would reason why each of them take this experience in a different way. I will argue that there are two main types of students. One type is the one described by Zinsser, which is the one who under different types of pressure, such as economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure and self induced pressure; decide to take the college experience as the most horrible experience ever. These students blame the college for charging too much money, the professors for assigning too much work, the parents for pushing their children too far, and even blame themselves for being under to much pressure all the time.
             It is true that the colleges system now days put a lot of pressure on student, but in my findings it is the fault of that student. Who rather than making there own choices rely on other people like their parents to make decisions for them. Which in result, leads those individual not too pleased with what they are doing; furthermore, finding the college a worthless experience.
             On the other had, there is the other type of student who since the beginning of college, know what they want will focus all their effort for this specific purpose. Nevertheless, they will also feel some pressure caused by the system which is definitely made to create enormous pressure on the student.

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