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The Outcomes of Cuban Revoluti

             The outcome of the Cuban Revolution has been an area of great debate among scholars for many years. Many believe that the Cuban Revolution was not a successful revolution for it has not been able to accomplish many of its goals. Furthermore, there is also the belief that in the 40 plus years since the Revolutionary party took control of the state it has not been able to fully institutionalize and consolidates the state. These are the arguments that scholars have used to claim that the Cuban revolution has not been successful. In this essay I will argue that while the Cuban revolution has not yet succeeded in fully implementing all of its goals it is too early to fully condemn the revolution. I will argue that the Cuban revolution has not had the time or the resources to fully implement their revolutionary goals. Second, I will argue that the Cuban revolution has been very successful in many areas of the revolution despite the pressures that Cuban Revolution has been under. For me to argue these two points it will require me to first explain the reasons of the revolution. Secondly, I will show the pressures that the Cuban government has been under which will show why the revolution is not been able to fully succeed. .
             To understand the revolution we must first understand the world in the middle of the 20th century. By the end of World War II, Europe was destroyed economically and physically which created an opportune time for Europe's colonies to declare independence. The fall of Europe also establish a bipolar system of power in the world. The two new superpowers, The United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had many different ideological, economical, and political views, which soon began to have conflicts with one another. This was the beginning of the Cold War. This war was not fought in a battlefield it was a political battle. One of the ways these two countries fought was by establishing as many countries with their system of government and economics.

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