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tale of two cities

            A inspiration in life that many people cling to is, that no matter how rough and demoralizing.
             things get, there is always a possibility of redemption and salvation. Many characters in the.
             novel, A Tale Of Two Cities, are sure that their own death or mental destruction is at hand but.
             somehow they escape the grasp of death. A Tale of Two Cities contained many themes that are.
             practiced throughout the book. Two of these themes are altruism and resurrection. The characters.
             Madame Defarge and Sydney Carton are used to exemplify these themes. Sydney Carton.
             demonstrated an altruistic nature while Madame Defarge had a self-seeking disposition. W.H.
             Scwartz's quote "Love each other or perish" exemplifies these themes best. .
             Carton displayed his.
             charitable nature when Lucie was the object of Mr. Stryver's affection. When Mr. Stryver asked.
             for Sydney's approval, he said that he supported him in his pursuit even though Carton held a.
             secret passion for Lucie. Before Darnay's marriage to Lucie, Sydney told Lucie of his hopeless.
             devotion to her and described himself "to be undeserving." He also volunteered to "embrace any.
             sacrifice" for her and those dear to her. Carton's altruism culminated when Darnay became.
             incarcerated in La Force. When Mr. Lorry told Sydney.
             of Darnay's predicament, he traveled to France to offer his help. Carton fulfilled his offer to.
             Lucie when he drugged Darnay and took his place in the impending death sentence. Madame.
             Defarge, "imbued from her childhood with a brooding sense of wrong," had no traditional morals.
             in her and is the opposite of Carton. In Dickens" vivid description of her, she is described as a.
             "tigress" and "absolutely without pity." Her hatred of the Evremondes had grown so profusely.
             that she intended to execute Lucie and her daughter in addition to Darnay who had committed no.
             crime but "was to die for the sins of his forefathers." In addition, she ignored her husband's.

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