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great gatsby 9

            Images dance around during the nighttime dreams. These worlds are full of perfection and serve a purpose. The images presented in dreams are pleasing to the viewer because of the enjoyment that they bring. Each one is full of illusions and nonsense that can or cannot come true, but most of the time does not. The "American Dream" that Gatsby pictured never comes true for him because he goes about it in the wrong ways. His display of wealth in this novel is only meant to accomplish one thing, the affection of a certain individual. Life cannot be based around one dream for if someone does there will only be devastation in the end.
             The mysterious character of Gatsby is kept concealed from the social life in many occasions. Every Saturday night, during the summer the lights will come on and crowds of people will come pouring into the Gatsby mansion. The purpose of this was to accomplish one main goal, to bring Daisy into his humble abode. The plot is set right from the first couple of chapters in the novel. Gatsby is madly in love with this figment of his imagination, not the person. He is in love with a dream. .
             Life can be tricky. The path chosen is not always the right one and to go after a dream can be good or set you up for disaster in the end. The roads are not always straight and choices need to be made. When the character Nick meets Gatsby, they discuss his dreams and aspirations and become close friends. Though Gatsby is not the most honest man in what he does, he is more of a gentleman than most. His efforts are noble in how he goes about to accomplish the task at hand. To win over Daisy is his dream, dreams do not always come true though.
             Gatsby knows that in order to win Daisy he will have to go about to earn money. She has an aptitude for the lifestyle of money. Gatsby does appeal to her in a physical sense but when the firstly meet he cannot supply her financial needs.

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