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            Exploring the theme of "appearance vs.
             in "The Great Gatsby".
             In "The Great Gatsby", the theme of "appearance vs. reality" is explored in great detail. Jay Gatsby's dream and hope is to win Daisy back, as Gatsby seems to think that she is the perfect girl for him. Daisy appears to be a rich, beautiful girl who has a perfect life, but in reality all she cares about is money. Gatsby also appears to be rich and charming. However, in reality he obtained his money in the wrong way, and it appeared that the American dream was about discovery, individualism and the search of happiness, like Gatsby's dream of getting Daisy back in to his life, but in reality his dream is ruined by the hunt for wealth and materialism. .
             First, Gatsby's dream and hope is to win Daisy back, as Daisy appears to Gatsby as the perfect girl for him, so he is blindly in love with her. He even compares her to money when he says, "Her voice is full of money" (The Great Gatsby 115). This portrays how firm the idea of wealth was to Daisy in Gatsby's mind. The only feelings of love and emotions between the two had been kept by Gatsby's obsession for wealth and valuable items. Moreover, Gatsby thinks he can repeat the past with Daisy. On the other hand, Daisy could not say that she never loved Tom, and she does not want to repeat the past, as she says "I can't help what's the past". This suggests that Daisy does not want to repeat the past with Gatsby, so she has betrayed him, and Gatsby's dream of winning Daisy back has failed.
             Daisy appears to be a beautiful young, rich girl who has a perfect family upbringing. However, in reality she is a very small-minded and hollow person who does not care about anything or anyone else except for herself. Furthermore, money and wealth is the only thing that makes her happy and appreciative towards someone, because when .
             Gatsby becomes rich and throws out all his shirts from his wardrobe to impress Daisy, Daisy says, "I've never seen such - such beautiful shirts before".

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